The tires themselves are 16.5 x 49.  I don’t know what the lift size is…  I can tell you that the top of the cab sits approximately 9.5 ft or higher.  The truck runs and is in good condition I just don’t have a lot of time to drive it! The truck is wrapped in a Chrome Red.  The wrap is starting to come and fade though.  I do have more material – just not enough to re-wrap.  The actual odometer reads about 205850.  The truck was last serviced in late November – the last time I drove it.  It has a new transmission and brakes. Any time I have driven it I feel as if I am in a parade.  Every stop light and while your driving everyone has their phones out and feels as if they need to take a snap another part of the reason I don’t drive frequently.  It has a compressor and a small air tank for train horns as well that aren’t hooked up.  I have two sets of flag holders – I also have a chrome pole which attaches vertically.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States