Do you want a huge lifted truck that can perform on the highway? This might be for you. Topping out at 100 MPH with one finger on the wheel, this truck handles amazing for its size. I have owned this truck for over 4 years now. I bought it the way it sits today so there are a lot of mods and upgrades that are still unknown to me, but i will do my best to list everything I do know. I am unsure of its actual gear ratio but its a perfect fit for its size and the speedometer has been modified to match larger tires. UPGRADES: Solid axle swap dana 60, dual King coils, hydraulic bump stops and steering assist, anti sway, limiting straps front and rear. Kenworth 3 rib air bags in the rear with King shocks. Dual compressors with tank in bed (switches in cab control rear ride hight. 7″ chrome stacks that roll plenty of coal. Billet torque convertor. Tube chassis built onto stock frame, 19″ drop hitch, red step lights that turn on when doors open. 50″ curved LED light bar, LED dome lights, HID head lights. 4 televisions (never have had them working) 40″ Nitto Mud Grapplers lots of tread, some weather cracking. 20″ chrome wheels, some peeling and pitting. Has 2 gauge wire run to the back for trailer winching capabilities. This truck was driven as a daily driver for awhile, you can expect 13-14 MPG if you’re not heavy on the throttle. Body is pretty straight the occasional rock chip and maybe a ding or two. This has been my pavement princess, had it in the mud once, snow a few times, and its been great. The electric 4 wheel drive actuator is getting weak/sometimes struggles getting in and out of 4wd, might need to be replaced in the future. ABS lights are usually on because of the solid axle swap. Stands just over 8 feet tall, top of bed is at 6 feet and the bottom of the door is at 40 “.

North Bend, Washington, United States