Holy hooks Batman! Gracing our Hallowed Halls and flirting with our Max Headroom ceiling height, we give you a 1997 GMC C6500 truck

Dual rear wheels and tires, a grille height that allows you to stare down the headlights eye to eye, and luxury comfort inside the crew cab, then you need to take a serious look at this monster in pickup bedded form. Built as a promotion truck for Speed Unlimited Performance Centers, a staple for Hot Rodders in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Quite a BIG statement! All with a mere 5,961 miles clocked on her/him, it! (Im trying to be politically correct which is IMPOSSIBLE These days.). Let’s just say it identifies a BIG!

This one of a kind custom built promo truck is essentially made up of 3 trucks: A GMC 6500, a Crewcab dually, and a Suburban. The job is done so well, it’s tough to tell exactly which parts are which, but it all comes together in a WOW presentation. Big steel is bathed in Dark Ivy Green Metallic basecoat/clearcoat, and it is all straight as arrows with well minded gaps, and with the amount of steel on this truck that’s making a statement as it’s a lot to manage! The front is pure GMC with a stainless steel horizontal ribbed grille and 2 massive bump out fenders housing the big square headlight. A colossal piece of chrome in the form of a front bumper is attached just below, and unlike the old locomotives of yore, this is not a cow catcher but a cow killer, or for that matter anything that decides wrongly to get in its way! The tinted window crew cab appears as the Suburban section of this build with its 4 doors and then some even an extra glass for the rear passengers to view the world as it skips by. On the rockers are stainless chromed barrel like fuel tanks, dual steps to climb in and even some rear tool boxes just below the beginnings of the bed. The bed is a full on 8 foot uninterrupted bed as the fenders hang off the sides to cover the dual wheels and tires. Dual large and in charge mud flaps hang off of either side and in the center is another stupendous piece of chrome in the form of a rear bumper. A large hitch is below and towing capacity of over 23,000 lbs. The bed you could not fill enough to reach the total capacity as to weight hauling on this truck. It is lined with textured body matching trunk paint. All this floats on 22.5 inch polished truck wheels and 11R22.5 rubber with 2 of these for each side on back.

In true big rig fashion, you’ll need some gumption to climb up to the driver’s seat, over the fuel tanks and over not 1 but 2 steps to get in, it is not for the faint hearted. Once inside you are enveloped in the lap of luxury seated on any one of the front or rear tan leather living room recliners you can grab the wheel or your remote to the TV with VHS player or stereo as it is equipped with both. A square and rectangle dash is in front and shows all the essentials along with many conveniences to poke your fingers at for your comfort. The truck does have an airside bagged suspension activation button and all dash controls are pushbutton. Overhead in a roof console if you will, is the drop down TV, some lighting, input jacks and a bit of small item storage bins. The rear passengers are treated to a trio of chairs all slammed together all fun full tan luxurious leather and plenty of room for 3. The center seat back doubles as an armrest and there are climate controls and other conveniences available to these rear passengers. Tan carpeting floods the floors and right down to the door panels inside which all these features reside, is pure luxury with leather and vinyl power toggles and speakers. And if this is not enough a 3rd row leather seat is in which is a luxurious “simple”, (not), bench also in tufted leather and room for another 3. A picture window gives the rear passengers something to peer out of to view the cargo being hauled.

A flip forward of the front hinged fiberglass hood reveals a Cat 3116 6.6 liter inline 6 cylinder powerhouse capable of producing 205 horses. It is fed diesel by EFI and sports an Allison AT545 4-speed automatic transmission on back. A heavy duty rear axle keeps your rolling down the highway.

All clean, no rust, just black structural steel and stamped steel for the floor pans which have green overspray on them. Airbags are on for the suspension as well as leaf springs and the same set up is seen on the rear axle. Power disc braking is on all 4 corners.

With the aid of my cohort/partner in crime pushing my ass to get in, I perched myself on the leather, and I fired it right up and was off to the test track in large and in charge style. Here it has plenty of awesome power from the quintessential rattle in front of the 6 cylinders. Fine easy steering, and bias free braking which if you have a tow is essential for a truck like this. All function worked just great as it is essentially like a new truck.

Truck is the WORD for this vehicle on consignment taking up masses of sq. ft. in our overstuffed Hallowed Halls. Low miles, used as a promotion truck it has a LOT of miles left in its lifetime, and presents as new. Welcome to the world of what you will be called a “Semipro”. Excuse me while I go pay the water bill. Meanwhile fill ‘er up with motion lotion.

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