1996 Hummer H1 6.5 litre Turbo Diesel OPEN top 4 seater Welcome Ultimate Fun and Sun seekers.This is a Hummer H1 convertible You are now viewing one of the most Unique understated yet potent looking Hummer H1 4 by 4’s available anywhere.This very well cared for truck has been meticulously prepared in a style that is not over bling or obnoxious in any way. Starting with a Matte Vinyl Black Wrap over an spotless original body shell ….the results are breathtaking and very masculine to say the least…Adding to the Mix are 22 inch XD Black Monster wheels shod with 37 inch Toyo MTĀ on off road tires. With 500 plus lbs torque available, This truck is UNSTOPPABLE.

Long Island, New York, United States