This truck is a true off road monster. The aggressive look of the tires alone says it all. The suspension has been modified for height and off-road performance.  The 6” Graveyard Bronco lift kit and 3” body lift with new aftermarket front and rear springs and 6 BDS Performance shock absorbers speak for themselves. To back up these components, all new brakes were fitted- front and rear, including hard lines. The steering box was replaced, linkage was rebuilt and all ball joints and tie rods were replaced. Superlift rear traction bars were also installed at this time.   The motor is a 460ci V8 that was professionally built to performance standards; it has been fitted with an aluminum Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley 4150 Carb, and a Motorcraft distributor with Accel silicone ignition leads. The mechanical fuel pump was replaced with new and a number of K&N upgrades were fitted- Crankcase breather, Air cleaner, Front diff breather to name a few. A four-row radiator and thermostat controlled electric fans were installed to keep things cool and running efficiently.  Ultra Flow SS headers were fitted to a custom dual exit exhaust to maximize flow from the V8.

Bradford, Ontario, Canada